WELCOME TO BoutiquePalace

EVERYBODY are welcoming to BoutiquePalace..to all of you people, pls feel free to make yourself comfortable exploring my pages.

Like many other young people who are graduating, I look forward to getting a good job.One that pays well, and has a good career path.I attended most of the career fairs organised by university and tried to learn as much as possible about the various industries.I even met some of the recruiters at the fair and passed them my resume. I believe this is what my friends called “networking”.I am not sure how you feel out there, but I am sure unsure what to expect from the working world.Will getting strainght ‘A’s guarantee that my path would be easier? no no no..How will the company be? Will I be able to get a good job before my graduation? After all, I spent 3 wonderful years and I do need to settle some of my loans.

Sometimes, I find studying boring because of what I do.It’s always studying, studying & studying for exams.But I do know that’s important to get that piece of paper we call qualification. At times, I feel free like I’m really looking forward to the new world that I will be venturing into. The new world sounds pretty wonderful and I bet not as boring as studying all the time. But then, in my current world, I have so many friend and life is basically carefree.

But to get pass the job, I have to go through the interview process. I heard many people says that it’s a do or die situation. Some dont’ even get called for the interview. That means I need need to pump up my resume and cover letter. So, future employers are impressed enough to give me a chance. I have to do some research on how to answer those really hard questions during the interviews.I can’t imagine myself with a new environment and also colleagues. That prospect seems to excite me and yet scares me too. Will I be able to adapt to the company and how will my boss be? I did hear about the story of cinderella’s evil stepmother. I always remember what my mom used to say ” WORK HARD BUT ALSO WORK SMART” !.
I think I’m truly looking forward to is my first paycheck. And the best part is I don’t have to ask from my parents. The money is all there for me to spend on anything that I want.I’m getting paid to work and learn at the same time. WOW! that feels really nice for now..I better get myself ready for what I’m doing CAUSE I’M PRETTY SHOCKED THAT AM DEALING WITH ALL KIND OF VARIOUS PEOPLE NOW!!!

“we must build a new world, Afar better world-One in which the eternal dignity of man is respected”



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